GLOW Festival Eindhoven in 2015 | Photo Steven Lek

SBMK day 2017

Friday 17 November 2017
Van Abbemuseum

For all (prospective) conservators, curators, registrars, art historians, researchers and others who are interested in conservation, documentation, installation and presentation of modern and contemporary art.

SBMK organises an annual SBMK day. One year with a theme and a (inter)national key note speaker, like last year ‘In the box’ about art packaging. The other year without a specific theme with various current topics and case studies. Participants attend the SBMK day primarily for the content of the presentations and workshops, but it is also a network meeting for curators as well as conservators and colleagues from related professions.
Moreover, there is the opportunity to visit the museum in which the day takes place. This year we are guests at the Van Abbemuseum. In the evening you can also visit GLOW, the art route through Eindhoven with 25 light art projects.
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