Tentoonstelling in EYE Filmmuseum, Anthony McCall: Solid Light Films and Other Works

Tentoonstelling in EYE Filmmuseum, Anthony McCall: Solid Light Films and Other Works

SBMK day 2014

Friday 17 October 2014
EYE, Amsterdam

On this SBMK day the subject Light Art is the central theme, with:
- Three lectures on fluorescent, incandescent and LED lamps in works by Turell, Holzer and museum design objects. Key note speaker is Marleen Wagenaar, winner of the Rijksmuseum Thesis Prize 2013 with ‘Licht op lichtkunst’. Documentation and decay of space-filling light art
A research based on Wedgework III, 1969 by James Turrell.
Seven brief presentations on recent restorations of light artworks, or works in which light is processed, by, among others, Merz, Flavin, Van Munster, Rauschenberg and Kosuth.
Visit to the first Dutch solo exhibition by Anthony McCall: Solid Light Films and Other Works (1971-2014)
A light artwork from the own collection that you introduce yourself because of (expected) preservation problems. If you are interested, contact Paulien ’t Hoen at

In addition, there is room for the other points of interest of the SBMK with
Presentations of completed, ongoing and starting SBMK projects in the field of textiles, plastics, installations, slides, digital art, training of starting museum staff and the platform for conservation issues
Encounters with (prospective) colleagues and (old) colleagues: getting acquainted, catching up, networking
Inventory of wishes, points of interest and cases for future SBMK activities By who Conservators, conservators and researchers share their experiences, questions and solutions. They come from: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Tate London, Kröller-Müller Museum, Van Abbemuseum, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, University of Amsterdam, Cultural Heritage Agency, LIMA and SRAL and / or have their own company as a restorer.
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