Art handlers from Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam packaging a work by Jeff Koons.

SBMK day 2016

Friday 11 November 2016
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In the Box, Art packaging investigated

Program items
‘From nail to nail’
Over the past years, a large number of Dutch museums has collectively performed extensive research into art packaging under the title ‘From nail to nail’. Specialists from the Getty Museum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and other organizations were involved. They will discuss their contributions to the survey and its results: risk assessment, climate tests, shock and vibration research. The experiences of the Getty are often spectacular, given the hurricanes, earthquakes and deserts in the immediate area.
Practical examples of innovative packaging solutions
More and more artworks need special transport containers. One of the examples that will be discussed is Bridget by Tom Claassen: an enormous rat of latex rubber, filled with polystyrene granules.
Artists and packaging
There are artists who use packaging as a base material for their work, and artists who find special packaging nonsense and are more interested in the risks posed to their works. These are interesting issues for peer researchers.
Box Market
Art handlers present their ideal boxes. During the breaks in the program, the box market will be open.
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