screenshot uit film ‘Installation Art: Who Cares?’

SBMK day 2011

Wednesday 29 June 2011
Centraal Museum Utrecht

Each year the SBMK organises a gathering for all colleagues in the field who are interested in the maintenance and preservation of contemporary art. This is a network meeting for curators as well as conservators and colleagues from related professions.

– Lecture by Jill Sterret, Director of Collections and Conservation, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on the implementation of conservation information in the museum organisation.
– Presentation of recently completed and ongoing SBMK projects
– Screening of the film ‘Installation Art: Who Cares?’, commissioned by the SBMK as part of the EU project PRACTICs. How can we use this film in the museums of modern and contemporary art?
– Working groups led by an expert on the future projects and possibilities of the SBMK. What does the desired substantive research agenda look like and how can the SBMK strengthen and broaden the relationship with the target groups?
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Film ‘Installation Art: Who Cares?’