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Plastic day 2006 - PUR

Thursday 16 March 2006
Rijksmuseum Twenthe

On the basis of case studies provided by various museums, the SBMK and ICN organized three days of workshops on synthetic materials. The first day took place at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe and dealt with the material PUR, polyurethane, both rigid and flexible foam (PURester and PUR ether), and PURrubber (elastomer). What kind of material is this exactly? What is its chemical structure? How is it actually produced? What future problems can we expect? This theoretical part was discussed by Thea van Oosten, senior researcher at the ICN, Rien van Weelen, marketing manager for Caligen Europe and Aleth Lorne, independent conservator. In the afternoon, participants set to work with practical examples, research and the defining of solutions. Four artworks were physically present as case studies; other cases were presented on the basis of photographic material.
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