Panamarenko, Aeromodeller, 1970

Plastic day 2015 - Adhesives and tapes

Thursday 11 June 2015
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands | RCE

On Thursday 11 June, SBMK and RCE organise the annual plastic day. By popular request, this time with the theme of adhesives and tapes. The day consists of presentations by researchers, producers and conservators from the Netherlands and abroad. They deal with topics such as:
Plastic tapes
What are plastic tapes and what characteristics do they have?
Adhesives for plastics
What are the properties of various adhesives?
Bonding plastic art objects
Findings and examples from twenty years of practical experience
The bonding of polypropylene art objects
A study of the suitability of commercial polypropylene adhesives for use within the restoration of modern and contemporary art

Case studies
There are several case studies in which the artist has applied a lot of tape or in which adhesives and tapes were indispensable for the restoration. Examples we discuss are works by Paul McCarthy, Robert Rauschenberg, Panamarenko, Alptekin, Henk Peeters and Thomas Hirschhorn.
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