Henk Peeters

Marijke van Warmerdam

Interviews with artists

1999 - 2005

One of the ways in which to obtain as much authentic, content-related and technical informaton on modern and contemporary artworks is to interview the artists who produced them. The SBMK and the ICN have now carried out twenty interviews with artists. The interviews and archives can be now studied on request. In march 2012 the book ‘The Artist Interview’ will be published.

The artists are:
Marina Abramovic, Armando, Marinus Boezem, Eugene Brands, Sjoerd Buisman, Tom Claassen, Adam Colton, Constant, Jan Dibbets, Ger van Elk, Madelon Hooykaas/Elsa Stansfield, Niek Kemps, Sonja Oudendijk, Henk Peeters, Lydia Schouten, Peter Struycken, Carel Visser, Andre Volten, Leo Vroegindeweij and Marijke van Warmerdam
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